Will I Be Shot in Florida

In order to get beyond racism, we must first take account of race. There is no other way. And in order to treat some persons equally, we must treat them differently.

The Old Liberal

I am worried. I am going to Florida next month, just for a couple of days. But I am worried. Here is why.

Last year a young black kid, armed with Skittles, was murdered on a public street. Walking home. He possessed no weapons. Except for Skittles. An older guy, who happened to be white, shot him. Dead.  His defense. He (the killer) had questioned the kid’s right to be on the street and followed him. The kid (according to the killer), then challenged him and a fight ensued. He felt his life was in danger. And in Florida that evidently gives you the legal right to kill someone.

Another case. (I think it was Florida). A guy is texting his babysitter in a movie theater. Annoying. But the movie had not yet started.  A guy behind him (again, an older white guy) complained. An argument broke out. Popcorn was…

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“Crossover” and Blacks in Popular Music


Historically, African American musicians have been restricted in musical success based on racial politics, which has played a major role in marketing decisions in the music industry. For example, Berry Gordy created Motown Records as a “pop label.” He was not interested in creating soul music but creating music that would receive airplay on radio stations and sell to a mass diverse audience. Diane Ross was made lead singer of the Supremes because Gordy knew she had the more commercial voice and sound. These executive decisions continue to occur in the music industry because greed in commercial success is more important than talent itself.

            The use of multimedia and television during the 1980s has laid a blueprint of visual marketing, and other strategies for an artist to gain popularity and success. For example, MTV was created in 1981 as a marketing strategy to showcase music visuals for “rock” artist. Music videos were played 24 hours a day by video jockeys, where millions of fans could tune in sparingly to hear new music and see their favorite artist. Even though the 1980s was the blueprint of visual marketing, it remained an obstacle and challenge for African American artist. For example, MTV excluded most black acts from their video playlist to establish their demographic of a “rock” audience. The major downfall of this notion limited black musicians chances of gaining a “pop star” level status.

             In 1983, Michael Jackson joined the “pop star” status. That year Michael Jackson made his television debut on MTV. There millions of viewers tuned in to view the talent and ability of the young Michael Jackson. From that moment, Michael Jackson developed a stronger multicultural fan base from his supremacy as a “performer.” Michael Jackson was an exception. Many blacks with talent, like Michael Jackson, were not given the opportunity of a crossover which would lead to commercial success like Jackson. Their music was not allowed on MTV. Even Michael Jackson had a hard time putting his music on MTV, but he was still given the opportunity to showcase his skills which was out of the question for most black artist.

            Rap or Hip Hop did not receive much success until the late 1980s with Run DMC. Run DMC was able to reach “pop star” status due to their ability to mix hip hop with rock. In 1986, Run DMC remade the smash hit Walk This Way by Aerosmith which was very well received by a multicultural base. Run DMC made rock more appealing for blacks as well as making rap more appealing to the white market. This idea was a very smart move by Run DMC because it opened more doors and opportunities for them on stations based on rock and roll like MTV, which drew millions of viewers a day.

            Run DMC and Michael Jackson laid out the blue print for future blacks to reach “pop star” status. Today, more blacks are gaining success from the careers of these fore fathers. Even MTV has broadened their demographic and throughout the years began to play more black artist videos on their station. Even BET, Black Entertainment Television, has reached much success and an outlet for black artist to showcase their talents to millions of viewers on a daily basis.  

Kevyn Orr

It’s Kevyn Or Nothing

Good Read! About Detroit and Bankruptcy

Jeremiah on America

Kevyn Orr CNN has a misleading editorial on the Detroit bankruptcy.  Jeremiah’s bullshit alarm went off when Kevyn Orr, pictured here, was described as “unelected.”  That’s a cheap shot.  Bankruptcy managers are, of necessity, appointed.  So are federal judges.

The author, Ross Eisenberry, suggests that bankruptcy is Mr. Orr’s scheme to cheat Detroit’s pensioners and put Wall Street bankers at the head of the payments queue.  He forgets that Chapter 9 is called “protection” for a reason.

Bankruptcy allows the city to restructure its obligations in an orderly manner, rather than face lawsuits from multiple creditors.  As Natalie Cohen puts it, bankruptcy gives the city breathing room.

It was only a matter of time before one creditor filed a suit that would force the city to protect itself.

If you want a grownup analysis of who gets what in bankruptcy, read Ms. Cohen.  It’s a little more complicated than “screw pensioners, pay…

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Dear Citizens of Detroit: Be Involved in Detroit’s Future

Being raised in Detroit, the majority of citizens do not support or involve themselves in governmental affairs, elections, and etc. For example, the past mayoral race in 2013, only 20 percent of the population went out to vote. The belief that citizens voices are not being heard because politics is based on the rich, and corporations. Instead of politics, community action is required. Social Movements are the beginning factors of the creation of new policies. Through social movements, professionals can then take the movement to create policies for implementation in Lansing and Washington.

Where’s the Morals? Greed In the Health Care Industry


The Medical Industry has transformed into an entrepreneurial, money making industry. Privatizing the industry has created an profit driven mindset in all facets of the market. For example, specialization within the medical industry has created entrepreneurial endeavors for doctors to develop and create practices with the opportunity to grow into multi million and billion dollar specialization practices. Instead of joining hospitals, patients are now forced to outsource to these specializations. The specialization then over evaluates patients with more test and prescriptions than needed for larger profits. Secondly, the market model has allowed medical supply companies to inflate prices, since, the market is small with limited competition. With the lack of innovation, these companies tend to see high revenue margins because all hospitals and practices have to use their services. Innovation in the market is needed to drive these prices down. With the creation of new competition will force prices to decrease all around. Greed has taken morality out the healthcare industry. The idea of wealth is destroying the community. With greed, certain individuals are taken advantage of, and used for the creation of more wealth to those at the top.

The government is failing in it’s role to regulate privatization. Our government is co-oped in a sense that corporations can now pay off politicians to get the policies and regulations that are best for them instead of the masses. In healthcare, government allowed this formation to occur for many years being co-oped. I respect Obama for trying to place morals back in our governmental structure. For example, the ACA tries to create the blueprint to maintain the notation that everyone deserves quality healthcare. Medicaid expansion is an issue that I will continue to keep my eyes on. I do not agree with the notation that states should have the power to mandate Medicaid expansion, but, that is the structure of our government. Without expansion and growing cost of healthcare, more individuals in American will be unable to afford quality healthcare in the future. Unless, corporations and businesses want to donate a small portion of their super large salaries, which would not affect their current lifestyle, to provide health care and salary increases for lower wage employees.  

CEOs do not need to have salaries 20x more than it’s employees. By investing more into your workforce develops an improved market. It helps to create more opportunities, especially for the CEO, but will create more voices to change governmental policies. Government needs to find a way to regulate privatization because greed is destroying our market and development as a nation.     



Kevin Orr, a bankruptcy attorney from Maryland, was appointed the emergency manager of Detroit for it’s financial crisis. A little more than 60% of Detroit citizens disagree with the idea and actions of the implementation of the EFM law. Detroit, under corrupt leadership, have fallen behind and have racked up a debt of nearly 20 billion dollars.  Detroit’s economy has tarnished in recent years and many are leaving the city and moving to cities such as New York or Texas for financial opportunities. As a community, we should want what is best for our city, and the state of Michigan understands this philosophy. The state of Michigan cannot flourish without a strong Detroit and we need as much help as possible to get Detroit back on its feet. As a native, I understand the opposition to the EFM law, but if we continue to go back and forth nothing will ever get done to make this city a thriving city.I want to live to see my city reinvent itself instead of dying slowly each and every year. The city of Detroit has so much potential, so lets move it into the right direction. As a Detroiter and African American, we must take the lead to educate and incorporate a brighter future for the next generation. Creating a solid support system will only improve and enhance the city of Detroit.